Holy Family
Notre Dame
Roman Catholic Parish
4731 Burke Road
Port Alberni, BC   V9Y 5P1


Reconciliation is offered Saturdays at 4:15 PM and Sundays at 9:15 AM, or by appointment.


Reconciliation is the first sacrament of healing; the second is Annointing of the Sick. Penance and Reconciliaiton is the sacrament of spiritual healing for a baptized person from the distancing from God resulting from sins committed. If a person sins after baptism, he cannot have baptism as a remedy; Baptism, which is a spiritual regeneration, cannot be given a second time.


Reconciliation involves four elements:

  1. Contrition: The Penitent's sincere remorse for wrongdoing or sin (repentance), without which the rite has no effect,
  2. Confession to a Priest: Only a Priest has the power to administer the sacrament;
  3. Absolution by the Priest; and,
  4. Satisfaction or Penance