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Notre Dame

Roman Catholic Parish
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Altar Servers

Altar Servers are members of the Parish who wish to minister by assisting the priests at Mass. Altar serving is a quiet but important and dignified part of the service and an easy way to be involved with the Mass.

During Mass, altar servers may do any of the following:

  • Carry the processional cross and candles;
  • Assist in the opening prayer (the altar server holds the missal, so that the priest has both hands free);
  • Help the priest receive the gifts of bread and wine;
  • Prepare the chalice (altar servers present the cruets of wine and water to put in the chalice);
  • Administer the water to the priest as he ritually washes his hands;
  • Assist in the postcommunion prayer (as for the opening prayer, an altar server holds the missal in front of the priest);
  • Assist in the ending procession (when the priest and the servers leave the altar, the processional cross is carried).


At Holy Family ~ Notre Dame, generally 3 altar servers are present for Mass on Sundays. Altar servers may serve at weddings, funerals, and Holy Days. At Holy Family ~ Notre Dame, the ministry of Altar Server is open to both boys and girls.


To find out more about assisting as an Altar Server, please call the Church Office at 250-723-8912.

Holy Family Notre Dame

Altar Servers

Photo by Fr. Marek.