Holy Family
Notre Dame

Roman Catholic Parish
4731 Burke Road
Port Alberni, BC   V9Y 5P1

The Sanctuary

Ceramic Mural

A section of the ceramic mural created by Lorraine Malach. A section of the ceramic mural created by Lorraine Malach.


The ceramic mural on the back wall of sanctuary is unique to Holy Family ~ Notre Dame. It is a 30 by 10 foot ceramic tile mural entitled, the "Exultation of St. Francis into Heaven." I is dedicated to the first Franciscan missionaries who set foot on Vancouver Island in 1788, in honour of the 800th anniversary of Francis of Assisi. It was to all the Bishops of Victoria Diocese, to the Sisters of St. Ann, to all priests who served the Christian community in Port Alberni and, and to all the faithful Christians who have built this Catholic community.

The mural is a result of one and a half years of work by Saskatchewan artist, Lorraine Malach. The nearly 1,000 tiles in the mural weigh about two tons and were shipped from Saskatchewan in 200 boxes.

The Crucifix

The Crucifix on the back wall of the church was carved for Notre Dame Church by well known artist and sculptor, Al Gerretsen from Calgary

The Crucifix on the back wall of the church was carved for Notre Dame Church by well known artist and sculptor, Al Gerretsen from  Calgary. The Sanctuary of Holy Family Notre Dame Parish. Fr. Alfredo Monacelli.



Burl Altar and Lectern

The altar is a cedar burl 6.5 feet long and 3.5 inches thick. Both the altar and the unique lectern were built and donated by a local parishioner, Lionel Cyr.

Candlesticks, Paschal Candle Holder, Sanctuary Cross, Processional Crucifix and Baptismal Font.

These are the hand carved art of another local parishioner, John Lauzon. The candlesticks and Baptismal Font are carved from single pieces of wood and mounted on burl bases. The Credence Table is also on of John's creations.



Statue of Mary


"Notre Dame of the Albernis" carved by Fred J. Kay. Mary_Statue


Notre Dame of the Albernis" is a statue carved from a single piece of Yew wood by Fred J. Kay, a sculptor and carpenter from West Vancouver. The statue was designed by Mike Jay, a painter from Port Alberni.


Noteworthy characteristics are the detailed features and the distinctive harmony between wood grain and actual form.

It is located above the prayer candles to the left of the tabernacle.